Teens Earning and Leading

The Teens Earning and Leading (TEAL) aims to offer boys and girls throughout Chicagoland consistent time and venues to participate in sports administration that develops children’s character and social skills through athletics.


These opportunities are for young people ages 12-19 who are enrolled in grades 7-12.  TEAL personnel must submit to a background check and secure one letter of recommendation. They also will complete training which will include one hour of classroom instruction and two hours on the field.



Any boy or girl interested in serving as an assistant coach through TEAL must be at least 14 years old; those who aspire to be head coaches must be 17 years old. Coaches will lead teams of players from 2 to 14 years old.

Those youth who will coach toddlers (1-5 years old) must be 17 years old and have some child-supervision experience, e.g., baby-sitting or camp counselor. They also will need reliable transportation that will permit them to haul sports equipment between home and practice sites.

For our Chicago Community League and Chicago Private League, all coaches must have at least two years’ playing experience. They also must commit to one early evening each week for practices and Saturday mornings for games.

For our Soccer For Success program, coaches must be 15 years old, have two years’ soccer-playing experience, submit to a background check and provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher or other adult leader. These coaches also must have reliable transportation to haul soccer equipment between home and practice sites.

Coaches for  Chicago Community League, Soccer for Success, and SEADlings  get paid $15/hour.



Any boy or girl who wants to officiate the soccer games in our programs must be at least 12 years. We will permit 11-year-olds to shadow experienced officials for a year.

Youth officials also must have parental consent to work games, submit to a background check and provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher or other adult leader. They can officiate games in the Chicago Community League, Soccer For Success, Skills Development Program and Chicago Private League as well as special events throughout the season.

Officials for Chicago Community League, Soccer For Success and Skills Development program will earn $13 per game.


Those officials who work games in the Chicago Private League must be certified by the Illinois Soccer Referee Committee and will earn $25 per game.



Any boy or girl who wants to contribute as a brand ambassador must be 12 years or older. They will be seasonal participants whom we will utilize as needed to perform various tasks in marketing, public relations and event planning.

Brand Ambassadors for Chicago Soccer Foundation will earn $13/hour.