Teens Earning and Leading

T.E.A.L Program

Teens Earning and Leading

The T.E.A.L program is designed to help teens develop leadership skills through a series of trainings and experiences, work etiquette and social emotional learning, among many other things. The T.E.A.L program is NOT meant to replace a part-time job. Many of these opportunities will be compensated with some required volunteer hours.

Scheduling Opportunities:

Chicago Rec Sports features five seasons per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Fall II, and Winter). Each season is typically 8-weeks in length with multiple programs going on throughout the season. T.E.A.L’s will be generally scheduled based on their availability to assist with these programs each season. There may be additional opportunities for teens in between seasons for special events or brand ambassador initiatives. Scheduled hours are typically 2-3 per session on weekday evenings and/or on weekend mornings/afternoons. (please note that summer and holiday camp opportunities include 4-8 hours days.)

Preparing for College:

Even when teens have high grades and test scores and are active in sports or clubs, colleges will still evaluate applicants based on community service hours. The T.E.A.L program is the perfect vehicle to enhance your college applications.

Become a T.E.A.L Coach Mentor

  • Membership Dues:

    $250/Year (Scholarships Available)

    ​The membership dues ensure that we have a commitment from teens and their families before registering. Dues are used to provide Chicago Rec Sports gear and equipment for T.E.A.L’s (shirts, jackets, whistles, etc.)

    ​If you have any questions before registering, please email us at info@chicagorecsports.com.

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