Toddler Music & Movement

Co-Ed Ages 2-4 years

Come dance and play in the fun and exciting world of Music & Movement, where toddlers explore dance, rhythm, and expressive movement through playful, song-related activities.

In this gentle, free-style class, we’ll move to upbeat music and discover a variety of age-appropriate music and movement activities, allowing each child to learn and move at their own pace. This class is perfect for all toddlers, regardless of their experience level.

Throughout the season, we’ll explore a range of activities that encourage the development of self-expression, rhythm, and playful interaction with peers within a supportive environment.

  • Coach Essence Chicago Rec Sports

Join Coach Essence in the magical world of Music & Movement this season!

  • Develop body awareness, agility, and balance in a supportive and playful environment.
  • Explore dance, rhythm, and expressive movement through playful song-related activities.
  • Move to upbeat music and have fun with imaginative props, parachute play, and cooperative games!


  • Program Details:
    Fall Details To Be Announced

  • Time:
    2yr – 4yr
    Fall Details To Be Announced

  • 8 Week Season
    8 x 45 min sessions

  • Chicago Women’s Park
    1801 S. Indiana Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60616

  • Price:
    $195 (includes end of season award)

Registration Schedule

Spring 2024


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“The coaches have a lot of patience, especially with the younger groups [1st and 2nd grade].”

Melissa C., Chicago, IL

“I really enjoyed coaching Tumbing and Soccer this season.”

Essence R., South Loop

“My two boys really enjoyed their time in the program, coaches did a great job making it fun for them each week.”

Ricardo V., Chicago, IL

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