Parent Guidelines

Preparing for Practice Guidelines

Parents should ensure that your child has everything they need and are ready to play, this includes CRS jersey, not required but we encourage black shorts or black athletic pants, athletic shoes, and water bottle.

Timeliness Guidelines

Please try to arrive five minutes before practice begins. It is beneficial to the player and the entire team if we all start together on time.

Practice Attendance Guidelines

Be a spectator in support of your child, focus on the positive, setting a great example by cheering for your player and team.

Coaching Guidelines

Be considerate of our coaches who are following our CRS curriculum with a focus on social emotional and athletic development.

Recreational Sports Guidelines

CRS is a recreational sports program designed to be a fun introduction to sports for beginners while continuing to build skills and confidence for more advanced players. CRS programs offer a friendly level of competition with a strong focus on fun and play.

Parent Guidelines

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