Parent Guidelines To Follow

SPF21 Summer Camp Parent Manual


Welcome to SPF21 Summer Camp!! We hope you find this information helpful for this summer! if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (312) 970-0641 or We are looking forward to a fantastic summer. Thank you!


SPF21 Summer Camp’s Goal

It is SPF21 Summer Camp’s goal to provide a fun and safe atmosphere which nurtures personal growth through a variety of challenging and fun sports and educational and exciting activities. We look to create an environment that fosters a strong self-identity, individual expression, teamwork, and genuine respect for others. We believe that a positive camp experience can greatly assist a child’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual development.


SPF21 Summer Camp Staff


SPF21 Summer Camp takes pride in its staff. All of our counselors/teachers are fingerprinted and background checked by the Department of Justice prior to employment, as well as CPR and First Aid certified. All of our staff members attend staff training and are caring staff with lots of education and experience.


Camp Times


Formal Camp Activities Begin Every Day at 9:00 am. Every child is expected to be at camp by that time. Your child is welcome to arrive at Camp as early as 8:45 am for morning activities. Formal camp activities will end each evening at 4:00pm and you must pick up your camper as late as 4:15pm.

Group Sizes and Activities


All groups will be 10 campers or fewer, with one counselor/teacher for the entire summer. Additionally, activities will be organized this year to help us reduce the gathering of large groups of campers. Staff will remain in their areas and not rotate throughout the campus other than to their designated yards and art/food area. Staff during their own lunch breaks will practice social distancing and not be allowed to leave the property until their shift is over for the day. Campers and Staff are required to bring and wear their own masks. 


AM Drop-Off Procedures at SPF21 Summer Camp at ComEd Rec Center


  • We will have a greeter at the entrance from 8:45am to 9:00am.

  • Please maintain social distancing between other families.

  • Our greeter will give hand sanitizer and do a temperature check to each child.

  • We will limit access to only 1 parent entering SPF21 Summer Camp.

  • We will ask Screening Questions.

  • Once we verify the participant is able to attend camp, staff will sign your child in.

  • Bathrooms will be available to participants and camp staff during camp hours.


PM Pick-Up Procedures at SPF21 Summer Camp


  • We will have a greeter at the entrance from 4:00pm to 4:15pm.

  • Please use the parking lot at ComEd Rec Center.

  • We will have your child ready at 4pm, but will not allow your child to leave until the approved parent or guardian picks them up.


Authorization Release


If your child is going to be picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian, you must provide the Camp with written authorization (including Car Model, Color, and License Plate). The person authorized to pick up your child must be prepared to show identification. Campers will not be released if proper identification is not presented. NO EXCEPTIONS!!



The camp administration would greatly appreciate an email if your child is going to be absent. NO MAKE-UP DAYS OR CREDITS will be given for any reason.


Release of Information

SPF21 Summer Camp may use photographs of your child in various marketing materials. You have the option to decline this use on the Information Form. All other camper information (applications, medical forms, etc.) is kept confidential.




Summer requires a special wardrobe of shorts and short-sleeved shirts. We require campers to wear sturdy, closed-toe and closed-heel shoes; no sandals/flip flops/crocs are permitted at camp!! Please label all of your children’s clothing. We recommend using permanent markers, iron-on/sew on labels. Please be sure to use your child’s first and last name. All campers will be given a SPF21 Camp t-shirt and are encouraged to wear it on site.


Personal items


No personal items are allowed at SPF21 Summer Camp! Examples: Toys, cell phones, video game devices, iPods/iPads, radios, cards, balls, etc. Items get lost very easily. When children bring personal items, it causes a lot of disruptions in the group. EXCEPTION: Campers may have previously specified days that personal items will be allowed. These days will be written on the activity schedule and parents/campers will be informed in advance. Lost And Found Everything brought to SPF21 Summer Camp should be labeled with your child’s name. SPF21 Summer Camp is not responsible for lost items. There is a lost and found at ComEd Rec Center. Sunscreen It is imperative that your child covers their body in sunscreen lotion every day before camp. We will apply sunscreen to all campers throughout the day, but it is extremely helpful if campers come to camp with sunscreen already applied.


Food and Lunches

SPF21 Summer Camp offers Full Day Campers (not provided to Half Day Campers) a healthy lunch and snacks every single day at camp from Gourmet Gorilla. We encourage the campers to eat their lunch. If you know your camper will not like a certain meal, please provide a sack lunch from home. A set menu of what we will be serving on a daily basis is available for the entire summer.


In the event of a natural disaster (Severe storms, fire, etc.), we will remain on-site if it is deemed safe, and wait for the safe pick-up of the children by parents or authorized guardians. If we must move the campers, we will contact the parents/guardians with information about our new location/destination. NOTE: In such an event, we will try to put all updated location information on Facebook.


First Aid at SPF21 Summer Camp, we strive to maintain the safest possible place for your child during the summer. However, accidents such as scraped knees and bee stings do happen. Every counselor travels throughout Camp with his/her own First Aid Kit. We keep a written log of all First Aid given at Camp, from the minor boo-boo, to the scrapes and bruises that happen occasionally. If there is any call for concern, we will contact the parent/guardian of the camper immediately. Your child’s counselor will have you sign an “Ouch Report” for any minor incident that occurs at camp. You will be provided with a copy of this “Ouch Report” for your records. In order to provide the safest experience for your camper, all staff members are certified in First Aid and CPR.


**Allergy Policy** If your child has any allergies, you MUST consult the Camp Director to discuss our ALLERGY POLICY PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP!


Medication and Safety

If your child requires medication, you and your PHYSICIAN must fill out a form and hand the medication to our Camp Director or an authorized staff member. Our Medication Form MUST HAVE A DOCTOR’S SIGNATURE! Please keep in mind that medication can only be accepted by authorized personnel and the acceptance procedure will take extra time. Please plan extra time in the morning for this process when dropping off your child’s medication. SPF20 Summer Camp must have possession of ALL medication in its ORIGINAL container. Medication Forms will not be accepted without a Physician’s Signature. We will store the medication in a medication cabinet or with the head counselor—administering it according to doctor’s instructions. DO NOT SEND MEDICINE WITH YOUR CHILD IN HIS/HER CAMP BAG!! THIS INCLUDES COUGH DROPS, TYLENOL, etc. Please help us by keeping your child home if he/she is ill. We will call you if your child becomes ill at camp. Your child will need to be picked-up within 1 hour of being notified that he/she is ill. If your child comes down with a contagious illness, please contact us.